After 9 months of work (random laziness / sidetracking!) I've finally released the Mega Man 3 cover playthrough.  You can see it here:

This is a video of me playing through Mega Man 3 with all the music remixed using the VRC6 expansion in stereo.  Headphones are recommended as the stereo was programmed with headphones in mind.  Enjoy!

I also released this on Bandcamp (linked in youtube description as well):

oh fuck yes, i remember watching the gemini man one a ways back

You realize you are a huge insane geek for doing this...

And you deserve much praise for that.
This is awesome big_smile

Real men start with Snake Man

So gonna watch this.  Can't wait to listen to your rework!  Mega Man 3 was my favorite soundtrack.

Saskrotch wrote:

Real men start with Snake Man


really had sooooo much fun listening/watching this,


i'm pretty sure this is what is gonna be playing for me this week during school. i'm loving this dude.

Saskrotch wrote:

Real men start with Snake Man

Yes! Snake Mans theme and the Title theme are some of my absolute favourite MM tracks. Great take on the OST!

!!!!!  thanks for doing this  !!!!!

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Amazing work, RJ1!

I'm going to have to play through the original MM3 immediately before watching this to really appreciate it properly, I think. I watched up to the first "weapon get" screen. Awesome stuff.

Good lord

this is...staggering. You're the real deal, RJ.

Oh snap, I just realized this is Megaman 3, with my favorite classic Megaman tune of all time Blues whistle theme.

I wasn't expecting this version to be all hip-hopped and stuff. Cool. Grows on you.If it was a bit more chill, I'd say it reminds me of Nujabes.

This is seriously awesome! I've been listening to original MM games sountracks all week long and I just discovered this release. Good timing, indeed! smile