ah, wish i could get my hands on a japanese SMS for the additional FM chip. This seems like a pretty cool project. has it been tested on ntsc and pal?

I have tested it on SEGA Nomad via an SMS converter and a SEGA Genesis 1 via an SMS converter.

However, I do not have an actual NTSC SMS

hint hint to my american friends.

I would only need the EPROM and a SMS and I'd gladly test it hah. Actually seeing if I can get a SMS cheap and how feasible it would be to get a YM2413 to add to it

OK let's set it up.

I'd love to see it tested on a US system.

I'll send you an EPROM for free if you test it and then try out code updates to fix any PAL NTSC conversion issues.

Well let me get my hands on an SMS first and few parts for the circuit and I'd gladly test it. Ill begin my hunt for one now.

Ah yeah.

Let me know how you go! big_smile

NTSC-by-default Modification Tutorial: http://little-scale.blogspot.com.au/201 … ation.html

Scaley where can I buy 2x JAP with FM SMS in good condition (I am from EU)??? Or I will exchange them for 2x rare AMSTRAD CPC6128 or for 2x brand new SPs and supercard SD or 2x gamegear.
I want that FM YM SMS version so badly...

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There is a bloke that lives in the Blue Mountains - I think his name is Viletim or Eviltim. I think he's on SMSpower.org. You might try to get in contact with him, as me makes reproduction YM2413 boards that fit snugly and easily into a non-YM2413 SMS model 1 and can be soldered with some effort to a non-YM2413 SMS model 2.

Besides that, maybe ask Lazerbeat about Japanese stock?

Nope I will buy european SMS model 1 here in my country and YM2413 soundboards...
Thank you for help!!!
BTW I have buyed STM32F4 Discovery... Nice board for DIY synths, midi controllers etc...
Have you tryed to do something like your PC beeper on Teensy. But more complex?
I want to do on Discovery FM or another type of softsynthesis...

I was thinking about getting one of those FM boards.  Does anyone know if the installation process for a PAL SMS2 is the same for an NTSC SMS2?  My guess is I could follow the guide for the former and the latter would be the same.

I want to ask same...

In a Mark III it plugs into the expansion port on the side.

WHO just won an Ebay auction for a GG?;    !>THIS guy!<!   
Ebay was acting weird last night; placed the opening bid on it, but the page acted like a reserve bid auction. Went back a little later and increased my bid, but the page still didn't show me as high bidder. Checking my email tonight, I WON, Less then my max!
Now just have to get a donor SMS cart, cable and adapter...