This post marks the release of the SEGA Master System MIDI Interface (SMSM) device.

SMSM is an interface that takes MIDI data and controls the sound chip inside of the SEGA Master System in real time. The idea is to send MIDI data to the SEGA Master System using a MIDI sequencer or MIDI keyboard via the SMSM, which then sends the appropriate audio signal out of the console via its AV port or a direct output port.

So for example, if a MIDI note C is sent to the SMSM, then the SEGA sound chip will play a tone with pitch of a C. The PSG SN76489 sound chip is supported as well as the FM YM2413 sound chip (which is found in Japanese models of SEGA Mater System).


It should be easy to make an SMSM following these straightforward instructions:
- SMSM with Serial Input: http://little-scale.blogspot.com.au/201 … -midi.html
- SMSM for Game Gear: http://little-scale.blogspot.com.au/201 … -gear.html
- SMSM with Native 5 Pin DIN MIDI Socket: http://little-scale.blogspot.com.au/201 … n-din.html
- SMSM with Default NSTC Modification: http://little-scale.blogspot.com.au/201 … ation.html

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wow.  weekly project smile

your work ethic is very impressive.  very cool, Seb

the greatness never stops from you mr.scale. big up !

Will Mark iii fm boxes work on North American SMS?

I am not sure. :\

......... fucking this guy.

fucking awesome.

It works for Game Gear, too.

Tutorial is here: http://little-scale.blogspot.com.au/201 … -gear.html

This should work with an Everdrive GG cart too since it supports SMS games, right?

Yep! I'd say so; I havent tested it yet though.

oh fuck


game gear too ! that was a good 'oh fuck' !


SMSM with Native 5 pin DIN MIDI connector tutorial: http://little-scale.blogspot.com.au/201 … n-din.html

You, sir, never cease to amaze! Here, I started my day, bla bla blaing on the MD/Gen thread about the midi DIN topic; and next thing I know BAM! You drop this on us!
I think I have to start checking EBay for a SMS or a SGG now wink