Hello all!

This has been a while in the making but it's finally done.  Mostly Plogue Chipsounds with some other things, it's a combination of dance production techniques with more authentic chip stuff.  Hope you enjoy...

http://ensnare8bit.blogspot.co.uk/2012/ … witch.html

Entire album can be streamed from there or from youtube...


This needs more attention. Fantastic stuff, I hope to start doing some more heavily produced stuff like this in the future, sounds great. I may be using this as my new car jam.

Sweet stuff.


YES this kills.

So damn good! I love it!

This is so fantastic and I kind of particularly love it being an extended mix rather than/as well as individual tracks.

Thanks guys! heart heart

what race does _ensnare_ play? big_smile

(sc2 nerd sorry)

Terran!  Silver League fighting!