Hey guys.  So this is not the 2xLSDJ release I've been working on.  That's not finished (and due to some gear issues, I can't record it satisfactorily currently). 

I wanted to put out this little three-track EP first, as a kind of extended coda to "Victory Lapse", and to close out the year.  Or something.  So yeah, here are 3 tracks I enjoyed writing.  I know earlier version of two of them have been on my soundcloud for awhile, but I thought they deserved a proper release (And they've changed.)

So, 1xLSDJ, three tracks.  I hope you guys dig them.


oh hell yes! cover is sooper sweet. come back to nashyburg soon good sir. *-*

super enjoyed.  great mix of dance and prog elements!  looking forward (read: cowering) for the upcoming 2xLSDJ album.

I love the wav solo change in Underwater on the Moon!

this is really fun. excellent sound design.

A++, reminds me more of Landscape than Victory Lapse, but that's cool because I enjoyed Landscape more. big_smile

Nice, Dong a listen through right now. I'm digging the split panning on "Still Life with Ghosts"
Also, Tidal Bout has an epic intro.

Well done sir, I approve of this release, looking forward to the 2x release to see what you can do smile


listening to on loop. on my phone. and on my computer.

i reckon you're my new favourite LSDJ artist. big_smile

amazing attention to detail, as always.

quality! good work

This is stupendous! Thank you for always providing us with such consistent art!

The bees knees.

forgot to comment on this. these are so rich. such rich & impressive LSDJ work. very impressive.


this is too good. you must be using a gameshark with your LSDJ

I got a look at his setup during BRKfest.  He doesn't even use LSDJ.  It's just the Gameshark.  He's injecting pure hexadecimal code into the DMG.