THIS WEEKEND the dude who is your destruction will be paying the lovely state of WA a visit.. figured we might as well give him a couple of shows to play while he's here


Event page:


Event page:

If you're ever remotely close to where these are going down, you're gonna want to clear your weekend's agenda

if you've never seen IAYD you MUST go to this. IAYD is from my hometown and NEVER dissapoints. you guys are lucky to catch him at an all chip show. the shows here are never all chip. haha.

word life.. mad hyped

Of coarse the weekend before finals week, fmlmaiefniwoaibdjfkJnsc!

id stab a fool in the back with a butter knife for eyeayewhydee.
but yeah he dont leave here much so you guys are in for a treat. kid mixes unsynced gameboys like a fuckin wizard. hes pretty too.

yeah, if you're in the area and you dont go to this you're seriously missing out. IAYD is consistently and thoroughly badass at every show he plays.

I'm so sad I'm missing this.


Decktonic wrote:

I'm so sad I'm missing this.


im thinking about taking a bus...  If i can take some finals early.

God, I'd love to see IAYD live again, especially with his sick new jams, last time I saw him was at a blip 09 afterparty.

I kinda wanna see Turtlesaur dohhhh

Alex has been showing me the new things he's got in store for the show.. to say the very least, everybody should be excited.

We are attempting to broadcast both shows.. will most likely only be for the Seattle gig though

that oly flier got really cool

You guys suck if you are near Olympia and do go see that gig!

IAYD is about to go on...