Hey guys,

I was wondering, I know of LSDJ and Famitracker for producing chiptune, but I wanna make chiptune with drums that aren't 8bit. Are there any programs you can recommend then? Or should I simply make the song on LSDJ or Famitracker and then import it to another program to add the drums and such?

Also, which is better: LSDJ or Famitracker?


it's all on preference. with LSDJ, you get bass, samples, stock configurable waveforms, etc. with fami, you can configure for lots of channels, the interface is handier, you don't need to buy devices to get MIDI support, stuff like that. personally, i use LSDJ, but it all really depends on what you're comfortable with and what you compose.

Fruity Loops with some 8bit VST's

i think you might like module style trackers instead of super bleepy bloopy ones. milky tracker, impulse tracker, that sort of thing.

i'm the worst at explaining this stuff

i recommend Schism Tracker

but most of all i recommend trying to work out what works best for you without worrying about what people on a forum think you "should" do.

here some random selection of trackers to get you started


have fun

I started off with Modplug Tracker (OpenMPT), which is a pretty good multi-format tracker and fairly easy to use compared to most others of the sort. Milky is also pretty good, but as ant1 said, try many different formats/types and decide which one suits you.

With regards to your 2nd question, I've only ever used Famitracker so my opinion will obviously be biased. I guess it's a choice between whether I prefer the Gameboy or the NES; I think I'd go with the "smoother" sound of the NES.

Deflemask is fun to play with. Seriously fun.

Are you aware that you can use samples in famitracker? So instead of using another program, you could sample all your percussion.


whats wrong with not using chip drums and mixing it?

also this

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Play along on one of these

try one of the sample trackers like Milkytracker, you get full sample playback support plus you're not limited to the few chip waveforms Nintendo hardware provides.

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Get a drummer. smile

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