Don't be a dick. Got it.

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can we still discriminate against fakebit and garageband chiptunes


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Don't be a dick. Got it.

I have a dick and I'm offended

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herr_prof wrote:

No one cares why you think its OK to say something that could make someone else make them feel bad for being who they are.

No one cares? Really? Intentions do matter, even if using slurs is wrong in itself.

I don't really think that anyone is trying to get a free pass where they can get away with using the words or having used them in the past, prof. I guess that as soon as part of your regular speech gets labeled offensive, some would feel linguistic confusion if they never meant harm by it. I understand that those would want to clarify their intent, so that it be known that they weren't offending on purpose.

That said, this might present a nice opportunity for all to revise just how much any word appears up for interpretation, If we choose our words carelessly and without thinking, we risk communicating the wrong intent without knowing we did. In the end words only hold the meaning we attribute to them, but in this particular case it seems like a minor effort to avoid the ones encapsulated by the new rule and many will probably feel better for it.

Yea but the thing is, we aren't nitpicking random words that rarely come up in everyday language. I think its pretty obvious what kinda speech and context this rule is pertaining to, and I feel like that if you are already arguing against it, you aren't in the habit of considering the feelings of others or just trying to be a contrarian to begin with.

I guess my lack of understanding is with anyone who is surprised using the word gay in the pejorative sense is offensive to people. It may be hard to admit you've been doing something wrong for years but is it that hard to stop using now that you know how people see you when you use it?

I'm not saying auto ban people or word filter or anything heavy handed like that, but I feel exerting social pressure to get people to correct their speech and make a statement that this site has zero tolerance for a cavalier use of such language is totally acceptable.

ant1 wrote:

maybe if the majority of people had ever considered it acceptable to routinely use a word describing some aspect of your identity as a general-purpose synonym for "bad" you wouldn't think that political correctness sucks

possibly you will have to make a conscious effort (the horror!) to not use "gay" in that context (there are thousands of adequate substitutes) but if you didn't already start the process of becoming someone who doesn't needlessly upset others via their everyday speech maybe it is time to start that process

you could also try avoid saying "nigga" for no reason if you are someone who does that

(edit: incidentally i don't think "lame" means quite what you think it means either wink )

You know, I must be the biggest queer in this forum. I dont care about your opinion, if you know what I mean. Its the attitude, not the words. Its the context, not the words. Ill keep calling my friends pussy when they cry, nigger my black friends, queen my gay friends. Ill just keep it out of this forum, because I respect rules, but I have the right to dont like it. When you have to censor something is because some douchebag used it in a bad way.

Its sad.

herr_prof wrote:

In other words:

Say your best friend was assaulted by a person who kept saying the word TOYBOAT OVER AND OVER again while they committed the assault.
Would you still insist on using that word in front of them because you knew it doesnt actually mean anything bad...?

No, I would hire the assailant to do voiceovers, that's some serious skill!

I'm glad somebody got it.

whoops wrong thread

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its less about censoring because people are using the words in a bad way specifically and more that we'd prefer those words not be on the forum at all as they reflect poorly on the site, the scene and all of us in it... as was said, we don't want someone new to check out the site, see that kind of stuff and leave thinking that we are ok with that kind of crap

Not offending a specific person, but like saying that something Lame is gay...

This goes against my rights as a free amurcan!

nope, it really doesnt..
the ownership of any website has full rights to decide what is and isnt acceptable content on their site

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ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

Don't be a dick. Got it.

I have a dick and I'm offended

perm ban

esp. since that aspect is also covered by another posted rule

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