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48 Hour Challenge - el campo del láser / Music / J. Arthur Keenes's music / 48 Hour Challenge - el campo del láser

48 Hour Challenge - el campo del láser

By J. Arthur Keenes on Jan 28, 2010 12:34 pm

Well, here's my bossa nova abomination, the LSDJ part turned out okay, but my attempt at singing in mangled Spanish is fairly brutal...

The challenge was "to make a bossa nova song with lyrics In spanish the lyrics must be originally written in english translated to japanese than translated to russian to ultimately to spanish in google translate. the song has to be about laser cats."

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

I wish this was longer. Oh well, repeat works, too! smile

that was great. seriously, great.

I'd love to have this song in the CM.O Easy Listening Compo, Mario in an Elevator. If it's OK with you that is. smile It seems to fit that muzak theme more or less, and it's awesome.

loved and downloaded. this is so good really.

please more


hahaha, fantastic

Great! Awesome arp harmony, and I especially liked the voice and the melody in unison.

Digging the track, then reading the description made me laugh until the end.

wow ... just , wow

Beautiful music, thank you!

los fantasticos...

I'm gonna go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and declare that this is top-notch. (Sometimes the bandwagon is headed in the right direction).

Holy crap this is awesome. Make more music in Spanish please!

HAHAHAHAHAHA so nice man big_smile

oh my lord.

Well done, well done!!


Unbelievable. I'm beginning to suspect that there is nothing you cannot do.


Haha, man, considering those challenge guidelines this is especially fantastic. Great stuff.

great work man!!!

You got it!  I was expecting the vocals to be a bit more prominent in the mix, this seems a bit conservative, but it works nonetheless.

needs moar vocals. This is rad

This is so GOLD, I really dig this vibe. Well done J Arthur Keenes big_smile

hahahahahahahahahahaha hilariously amazing

Holy shit!

Your voice sounded awesome dude- whole thing is great!

I love bossa nova so much smile.

Great job.

/me not worthy


This is phenomenal

All class man smile

thanks everyone, I don't remember exactly what the original lyrics were, but the end product run through the Spanish to English translator is this --- You know, these cats that are associated with laser, I like your normal house cat, may evaporate its, They are accused in the field of laser

Very impressive! I'd also like a translation please.

Really good job!

My face went like this ^_^ and then like this ^_____________^

Fantabulous, man!

Awesome. Which is a relief as it has been being played in our house continually for like the last hour tongue

Perfect music for my morning coffee.

Can someone translate it back into english?


Dear God. So fantastic! Well done.

This is incredibly rad.

holy shit you are a fucking genius.



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