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When My Harmonics Meet Yours (live) / Music / liquidcalm's music / When My Harmonics Meet Yours (live)

When My Harmonics Meet Yours (live)

By liquidcalm on Oct 15, 2011 10:28 pm

I've been playing a bit with a 'live' setup, something I can fit guitar, GBA and NES together with without loosing control of my hands and keeping the music a little more interesting. So here is a live song! It's a mash up of a new piece and an old track of mine called When My Headlight Meet Yours.
My setup: Guitar in to 2880 looper, MIDInes, GBA running MGB, MPC500 all controlled by Genome on an iPad.
Fun Fun!

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thanks! I may add a little on the mixer, its been difficult getting the levels just right. I need to learn to write bass on the same channel for each track etc..

This is really beautiful. I think maybe with a slight bit of reverb on the chip stuff would really round everything out.  smile Still a really pretty track dude.

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