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By om on Oct 15, 2011 8:30 pm

something for a 14yo me

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Member has requested constructive criticism

You're doing everything so well no constructive criticism. You did not get "carried away", if anything, your conscious will be "carried away" to join the Sirius star family in the future O%u1E43 ma%u1E47i padme h%u016B%u1E43

Thank you for your kind words smile

They have inspired me to finish the other 6 similar tracks in what will be a mini-album !

this is really inspiring. I've listened to it a few times over the weekend. I love the sounds you were able to coax out of the re-sampling.

I know it's portly by 90s standards, but 146k is still pretty small considering what's going on in there.

It's 146k 8ch .xm which back in the day wouldn't have seemed like a chip tune, got a bit carried away with the crunchy re-sampling

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