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Litmus - with Poppi Doser (Vocals) / Music / little-scale's music / Litmus - with Poppi Doser (Vocals)

Litmus - with Poppi Doser (Vocals)

By little-scale on Feb 18, 2010 2:36 am

Poppi Doser - Vocals, Piano
little-scale - SEGA Mega Drive, Atari 2600

A track from the upcoming Antia. A better mix than previously uploaded to the internet.

This submission is licensed by author under Copyright All rights reserved

This is so badass!

I've always loved this song. I swear to god, you need to hear early Xiu Xiu, this is so reminiscent of me being a brooding high school kid alone in my room with incense burning constantly

Really loved when the drums kicked in, that made this song five times more amazing for me, and it was already really good

Thanks smile

Really nice song, I love the coming of the second part! smile

Thanks so much everyone! Your positive comments are all very, very kind. @ PF: I wish I felt the same...

I have never called a song beautiful and meant it as much as I do right now.

Jeez I love this song!  Its awesome... first to be soothed by some lovely sounds and then I just get a shiver when the 2600 comes in!  New version rocks too, love the vox at the end.

It's really good to see that writing one song a day hasn't taken a toll on the quality of your musical output.

Thanks so much Glomag! Your opinion means quite a bit to me - so cheers for the comment big_smile

Beautiful track. Texturally, harmonically, rhythmically.

@ I_CACTUS: Thanks so much! To be honest, you're a huge inspiration for me, thanks for your wonderful music.

Love the drum programming in this!

Cheers L-tron! big_smile


Cheers. That's part of the charm of this work for me - everyone has different tastes. Thanks for your comment! smile

pretty cool!

I think I'd like to hear the singing/piano part and the genesis/atari part coalesce more, but that's just me.

very cool song!

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