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ive Patching set PD-> abelton

By vickysbooties on Feb 18, 2010 10:49 am

I saved the patch i played at CHIPTUNE 4 in boston thanks to .  This version is a bit different from what i played there as i used what i had saved as a basis.

Basically, I'm just sending midi messeges from pd to abelton in whatever manner i felt like doing for this 7ish minutes. 

I'm not sure if anyone will really appreciate this kind of generative chiptune-esque stuff, but I'd like your input on what format you all might want to listen to more of it in.   Saved/ recorded files are aight, but the whole recording thing makes things awkward and less fluid

Possibilities = live feeds/ patches and live sets for dl/ massive jam sessions/ live pd (or max)  net sessions.  Let me know! 

Next up will be using actual hardware.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

Member has requested constructive criticism

the music is nice!
you should definitely try it with real hardware, and also maybe try some algorithmic(or even random) compositional methods with pd.
about the format, i don't know if you can do more than sound files, honestly.
doing live shows/jams, on the net is a good idea though, but it's the same thing.
giving patches for dl isn't the same thing, except if you  can somehow make a stand alone application of this, which is quite hard if you use vsts for the sound.

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