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Materiaxmedica's Profile / Materiaxmedica's Profile

~sys add repository 'MATERIA MEDICA'
     password entry : ****
repository added. 
~sys apt get 'profile'
     password entry : *********
accessing . . .

'materia medica' is a latin phrase meaning 'the materials of medicine'.  it is the belief that artistic expression is among the purest forms of emotion, compassion, and communication; even across boundaries of culture and language, it is easy for one person to feel the heart of another through music they have made.  it is the belief that it is this universal communication that will be key to healing our world by bringing us all closer as fellow living beings. 

'materia medica' as the entity represented here is a single individual residing in various locations between 9 0°W and 80°W roughly along 40°N more often than not in the undercarriage of industrial structures such as train bridges and highway underpasses.  It enjoys tofu, empathy, affection, water, and nature. / Materiaxmedica's Profile