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Renegade Racer

By poisoncut on May 28, 2011 4:30 am

Made for a soon to be released iphone racing game, some pics and a video here:

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This sounds so cool!

Thanks.  Yeah the bass in this one is an FM sound from the vopm synth.  I've used FL Studio for the whole set of tracks with mostly magical8bitplug, vopm and a sid style synth.

Sounds good as usual, I agree that it has sounds that are very FM sounding. I've been meaning to ask you what you use to write these? A sample tracker, or are you using some kind of synthesis? Both? I also find it curious the game is called 8-bit racer, reminds me more of the 16-bit arcade era. Must be a marketing thing. Looks fun though.

Cool! Sounds like Genesis/MegaDrive.

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