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The Laohu wrote:

Nice tunes and cool art!

heart Thanks, changing directions is weird and kinda nerve wracking.

Hmmmmmmmmm cool

Link: https://abandonedonfire.bandcamp.com/album/transit

A tipping point has been reached. Peering down into a new gulf, trying not to fall backwards into the abyss.

"I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd."

Download contains LSDJ sav file for use with LSDJ version 5.3.4


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I'm not an Atari guy but that is very cool and exciting stuff!


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I commissioned a custom gameboy as well and never got it. Paid in advance and waited to long to do a paypal dispute. Sucks. Lesson learned. hmm

Edit: this was last year some time

For lsdj I recommend using the "record channels separately" feature of BGB. You'll get a clean and perfectly synced set of wavs that you can then treat individually if needed in your DAW of choice (or audacity etc).

herr_prof wrote:

To me, fakebit is making chiptune but with vsts. Post chip is making OTHER GENRE MUSIC with chip references.

Exactly. Tools/techniques from chip to make music that is not chiptune. That's what I've strived for anyways.

catskull wrote:
egr wrote:

The original pushpin was GBC and newer only. I'm guessing this mod is as well?

Nah, from the release notes:

It has been modified to be able to run on non-GBC Gameboys, since Pushpin hangs
when it tries to switch to GBC double speed mode. The display is slightly
glitched on monochrome Gameboy but otherwise it should work fine.

http://blog.gg8.se/wordpress/2016/11/14 … loop-midi/


The original pushpin was GBC and newer only. I'm guessing this mod is as well?

The Laohu wrote:

Who's birthday?

S T O K E D heart


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Beautiful heart heart heart

akira^8GB wrote:

Can confirm.
Source: hit start and fist pumped this one time at a campus Chick-fil-A


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Jellica wrote:

chipmusic is dead, etc...

must be time for another compilation tongue

CMO-sponsored compilations might actually be an interesting thing to do now. Like one every 6 months or something with source code included and etc etc.

me too thanks wink

Fascinating! A good excuse to start my yearly try at Carillon.