cow'p, peppermint pony and kodek. really i just wish i was them.

Spokane, Washington

A really boring day and videogames.

NC in the US of America

I also get inspired when my brother says "did you make that?" when I'm listening to the "Handheld Heroes" compilation. It's also a bit discouraging when he says "Oh..." disappointedly when I say "No", because I feel like I could never make anything as cool as those guys... and he never aks "did you make that?" about any of my ACTUAL original songs.

Edit: So it inspires me to improve. But I feel it may be a lost cause. But I SHAN'T GIVE UP!

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-Show coming up
-Forgot to write anything new
-Frantically trying to throw shit together
-Accidentally decent songs in time somehow

Milwaukee Area, WI

I ask myself this all the time, I have't been able to write anything for the last month.

New Albany Indiana

I do mu composing when im taking a dump or before i go to bead right after my wank.

ohgodno, Indiana


Edit: Cheese & Kettle Corn Chips

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I just want people to hear my music and be like wow, that's cool and show it off to their friends.

Also, hand sanitizer really gets me inspired.


Kinda like Frostbyte - Improve myself more and more to hear people say: "Hey, that's kinda good."
Also recently i write some danceable stuff, 'cause i'm gonna play a "show" this summer. Or more like @ a BBQ with a DJ and like 5-10 other People.
Most of the time i don't got that much time to write some stuff, but after i come home from work i turn on my DMG and work a little bit on something and then go to bed.

Russian Fedration. Moscow City

I make all my best songs when I have bad, melancholic mood




Hot ladies.


When a girl breaks up with you. And weed. I live in a small town, and whenever I visit Seattle or another big city, it inspires me, because there's so much to see. So many thoughts and people and ideas floating around in one big place.

Edit: Sometimes I just throw random notes into a phrase and see how it turns out. big_smile

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Los Angeles, CA

All of my songs are narrative in form, so reading really helps me.

Especially Poe and Lovecraft.

Boston, MA

I feel most inspired when listening to songs that blow my mind. I hear these crazy, awesome tracks that just work so well, and feel this urge to make something just as good. For some reason, this is particularly the case when it comes to listening to chiptunes; I've never been quite so inspired to write as I have with chipmusic. I listen to tracks and just start dissecting it for fun, trying to hear what they're doing in each channel at any given time. It's really motivating when I'm able to emulate the effect on my own, except using my own musical influences and choices--I think the best feeling I get as a musician is that moment when the artistry/techniques you've borrowed mesh with your own style in a productive, additive way. And to be honest, that's what I love the most about this genre--every artist can be super unique, and that's hella inspiring. smile

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Connecticut USA

frustration due to lack of inspiration. women. drugs. starvation. apathy. glamour. paranoia. delusional states of mind. nostalgia. cats. people. Also the big one right now. Overdosing on digital mediums.. IE computers/internet.

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