I think as a developer you have to put up with a certain amount of dumb questions and confusion, especially when dealing with such a niche product. Its sad to hear development has ceased, but at least we have a free robust and mature tool to use for this purpose, so thanks to Shiru for the work he has done so far. Hope you can find satisfaction in future products.

If you are still concerned how I feel, I'm still willing to give VGMMM a try as I've only tried TFMMM. Didn't make anything with TFMMM though. I'm glad TFMMM/VGMMM exists. It has been become an area where people have options out there to try: VOPM, DefleMask, and for the lucky ones, little-scale's GenMDM. I think that until a tracker-in-game does someday get developed, I believe the users who want to get the fastest results are hoping for GenMDM to get them.  If there only existed VGMMM, there would be more users, simply.

Dammit; you both made me a little mad. 

Shiru:  First off, just as herr_prof says, you need not be upset by people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about.  It shows that you have some emotional security issues; being regardless of language barrier.  I'm not one for parenting or coaching.  Compare the discourse among your peers at NESdev forum and here.  You obviously do not fit in among laymen and angsty, "gotta prove myself" musicians in this forum.  Try to take what people say not for what you read but for their intent.  If you cannot discern their intent, then take it at face value "with a grain of salt."  For one, you understand multiple architectures, assembly languages, and you've told me personally that you have been making music since the early 90's.  Get a hold of yourself and realize that you should be secure in your endeavors for your own sake.  People will make tools and people will use tools.  Everyone is entitled to preference and opinion; albeit subjective and inherently meaningless unless meaning is incepted.

Esopus-dragon:  You.  You, you you...  I won't waste much time talking to you.  I have stuck my foot in my mouth countless times and have not properly researched before posting on forums before.  My only advise to you is live and learn and even though we are separated between electronic means, there are people connected to you.  And even if you highly respect or feel intimidated or cannot relate to someone intellectually, it doesn't mean that they possess limitless mental vigor.

OK.  I feel a bit better now.  I've said what has been said out of respect and I send pleasant thoughts and intentions toward your upcoming days to the both of you.

I have emotional security issues now. Very nice, thanks again.

I certainly have a different vision of what the respect is, though.

Understood.  You may not realize my intentions at first.  But generally it's considered respectful to tell someone something to their face and not say it behind their back.

Alright, brother.  Try not to take all of this too seriously.  You're a good guy and you contribute great work without anything expected in return.  Some people have forgotten the values of freeware, open source, community spirit, and personal challenges.  Obviously you haven't.

Also "shows" was a strong word.  I should have said "lends a perception to".  Nobody's perfect! smile

Sorry, I don't see how telling someone who isn't much yonger than you how he should live and what he should do, in a public place, in front of other people, could be considered respectful.

Anyway. Everything is extremely simple: I don't do things that I don't like. It is beyond me why some people think I should ignore my negative experience and continue no matter what and that it would be a good thing for me. I did that while I had some reasons, now they are all over, and I don't have a single smallest reason to continue. However, I have tons, no, TONS of other interesting and positive things to do.

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Totally, and more power to you! You gotta do what makes you happy, and if its a hassle, then fuck it.

Your perception of how you take my words is your reality.  You said your piece and now you've moved onto bigger and better things.  Glad to hear it. Hedonism is the way to go. wink

Shiru, you always bitch at the people that use your software for one reason or the other. Since you don't give a shit about your users, as you many times expressed when they suggested features or bugs (with replies as cheeky as "it works for me I don't care if it doesn't work for you", just look at threads here or in other forums), why would you expect to get back what you don't give? Had you respected more your users, perhaps your story would be different.

Coming here to blame the discontinuation of the software on the users of it, on a thread that was actually about appreciation for your software is downright insulting.

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Now I'm always bitch at the people. Thanks again.

Now I'm fed up with this thread and quit.

hahahaha wtf just happened to this thread

I never used VGMMM, but Shiru's beeper engines for the ZX Spectrum are awesome!

that was fast

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I never used VGMMM, but Shiru's beeper engines for the ZX Spectrum are awesome!

Definately. Phaser1 especially.

And I love your nes port of Alter Ego. As much as I hate myself for it, I cant really bring myself to play the ZX version anymore.

Ho hum, im sure many people will still use your software even if you rage quit the entire scene!
Thanks for the tools!

Shiru wrote:

Now I'm always bitch at the people. Thanks again.

Now I'm fed up with this thread and quit.

This is hilarious, sorry. You got angry at B00daw saying you have emotional issues, but you act exactly as that, again.
Also you ignored all the rest of what I wrote. You should respect the people who use your software, to get some respect back.

when you download for free a piece of software that was made by one person for his own enjoyment how much customer service do you think you are entitled to? he said he even LEARNED A NEW LANGUAGE  to translate the documents

maybe when any of us have more than 30 pieces of software free to download and use on our site  we can tell shiru what he needs to do to earn respect

truth is shiru is more knowledgable and positive contributor to this scene than any of us will ever be (including you, reader of this post, whoever you are)

and some people (myself included.. maybe you to) just do have "emotional issues" (in your eyes only, or truly). pointing it out achieves nothing, and particularly pointing it out publicly on a forum even less so

edit,  to others:

last version of impulse tracker was more than a decade ago. most of you use gameboys from 1989. you should be able to deal with discontinuation/end of development by now

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