Oh wow.

edit: i'm dumb

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that s your artist page not fan page smile

death to bandcamp no more bandcamp

and now i've got one


here this is mine:


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label bandcamp: http://chipotle.bandcamp.com/

this is for "fan pages" not regular pages wink

oops... my bad, sorry....

Ah, crap. No more private beta spots. I guess I'll just have to be patient

Bandcamp has completely re-written the rules regarding music purchasing and selling for me. The scene in general seems very much bandcamp-centric too.

Long Live Bandcamp!

p.s. does anyone actually buy music off iTunes/Beatport? I know I don't...

Amazon and Bandcamp are it for me.

Rolled out for public use; go sign up now!

Also; here's mine. Not all of my downloads are on there though.

Also, loving the ability to follow artists for new releases too! Finally a soundcloud feed, but for polished releases!

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