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Bursting onto the scene with last year’s ‘Home Sweet Home’, ABSRDST has quickly grown both his fan base and his musical scope. Our first release of 2013 sees his return with a new full length dripping with a dark atmosphere.
‘Xhip Quim’ is a single piece broken into 11 parts, playing through as an uninterrupted 49 minute opus. The continuous stream of tightly composed music gives the album a prose-like feel, accented further by the samples telling a story as bleakly oppressive as the music itself. If there was one word to sum up the entire release, it would definitely have to be ‘theatrical’.
The music is difficult to define. Lying somewhere between progressive electronic and dance whilst flirting with glitch, ambient and multiple other genres, ‘Xhip Quim’ takes ABSRDST’s style to a new level, sounding less like something to be defined as chiptune and something more to be defined by its own  musical merits.
Blending austere atmospheres with catchy and unforgettable melodies, ABSRDST manages to create a release that lies outside the boundaries of chiptune and becomes straight-up quality electronic music. And quality music that we here at TWG are very, very proud to be hosting.
Some words from Jack:
“Xhip Quim is an experiment. It’s a character study, a warning and a confession. It is by far my most personal album. It’s atmospheric, dark and sample heavy. It’s about childhood, abuse, fear, shame, humility, and overcoming all of it.”

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01. Practice
02. Jack
03. Rehearsal
04. Speaker, Speaker
05. Contortions
06. Xhip Quim
07. Romantisme de la Souffrance
08. Scott
09. Loosen Some of the Controls
10. Hunger Strike
11. El Shaddai (Finale)

Music by Jack Vanoudenaren
Artwork by Jeffrey Alexander Baehr, more of his artwork can be found and on his facebook page, Posters of the artwork are available here.

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Man, I cannot say enough about this album. I especially love "Speaker, Speaker," the title track, and "Romantisme de la Souffrance." Definitely my favorite release of the year so far.

Brighton | Portsmouth | UK

~Now with full version of 'Speaker, Speaker'~

ohio gozaimasu



Can't describe how perfect, how awesome, how well crafted this is.
Wish I could write something this beautiful.
Congrats man, this is one of the best things I've listened to in a long time big_smile


cool album, but why the hell is this being posted to cm.o? what does this have to do with chip music.... at all?

Brighton | Portsmouth | UK

~There is currently a competition being held where anyone who donates money to the album will be entered for a prize draw to win a free screen print of the artwork. Check out here to see what's up for grabs! Winner will be announced friday~

@Battle Lava: Because it's heavily chiptune influenced


love the album art

Puerto Rico



WOW THANK YOU GUYS uhhhh thank you so much I'm blushing.

Also earlier today this guy made 3 promos for it randomly and they're hysterical

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one of the best releases of the year


Thank you boaconstructor.

And to answer Battle Lava, even though I didn't make the thread post and I somewhat agree with you, there are many tracks that contain chip sounds throughout, and the title track is very chip influenced.