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What a pretty cover, chalkboards

thanks! n_n

all credit due to the wonderful Mike Bautista:


Yo crew,

My first 12'' is coming out on WeMe (Ceephax, DMX Krew, DJ Stingray etc.) in September. It's not pure chipmusic but prominently features LSDJ, Pocket Music, Korg M01 and various home keyboards while a certain member of the C-Men did the artwork. You can preview the tracks at Clone Records.


Sounds perfect, Steve!


hell yeah!

Seattle, WA

I got something new coming up, more updates to come.

ohgodno, Indiana

"Shape Shifters" - Out August 13th
First album I've done in years that has no DMG in it.

Edit: Preview Track - … om-a-plane

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Youngstown, OH

Just got done with Arecibo livestream, dropped the album on Bandcamp: … us-anxious

much thanks to all involved, including LxTxC for the animated .gif cover bonus

Austin, Texas

I'm releasing my 3rd and final ep tonight before I release my album please check the music section and give it a listen, be prepared to dance your buns off!


I am on land to see what it is like now … en-evolver

Release date is now



Pulsewave Proliferation's debut album Moonstone coming soon. Here you can hear the track Swim To The Surface on SoundCloud here:

Swim To The Surface on SoundCloud

More news to come. ^o^

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Offline Just released my first full length album on Spotify! Not really upcoming, but It's just been up in 56 minutes ;D

South Jersey, USA

an ep I made in renoise 2.8 coming out on TWG very soon!

Boulder CO

While it's not PURE chip I have a new album out soon that combines chip music (made with Famitracker) with metal guitars/drums.
The video for the single Plump can be seen here:
And you can pre-order the full EP here: … ngs-horses

There's also a special right now where 3 pre-orders will be picked at random to receive limited edition vinyl copies of the album.
If you enjoy it please leave a comment on the video, and thanks!

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Madriz, Supain

We've been told our single VII is gonna get released at the start of november, in a format yet to be told, acompanied by a video.

I'll have teasers by september.

Brighton | Portsmouth | UK

TWG007| Let's Disinfect! - Self-Titled
Due This Weekend

TWG008| Guardia - Imprints
Due 26th August