I watch a lot of youtubers and streamers. I'm a huge moviefreak, and it's taken a weird turn after movies, then series and now this.
I came across some League of Legends streamer who was rocking some Chibi-tech, but just one song.

Are there any known/fun youtubers and streamers you think i should check out that frequently use chiptune?

Liverpool, UK

The guy who runs Botchamania uses loads of VGM and chiptune stuff in his videos.

Joliette, QC, Canada

I saw a vlogger from Quebec who used a song from the Scott PIlgrim vg OST once but thats pretty much about it !!!


Just remembered Hot pepper videos, review games while dying from eating too hot peppers.

I was expecting a whole bunch actually, strange it's so little.


Necrobump, still looking.


The Guys who stream at Clipstream use a lot of Chiptune.
Is that right?


The Quakecon 2013 interstitial music was chip. I'm at least 80% sure it was Chipzel.

Bronx, NY

youtubers I know that have used chiptune:

During his playing of Ao Oni, PewDiePie used Chipzel's "Can't Stop Us"
Both StormBlooper and Chipocrite have been used on Continue?
Edit (addendum): oh and Mike Matei and the AVGN did something or other. 

...that's it.

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