I know some of you have Volca Basses. I've ran into a bit of an issue. I'll quote the post I made on the Korg Forums since I posted this there as well...Interestingly enough I've received no response. Any input would be appreciated.

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So I picked up a Volca Bass not long ago and have ran into a slight issue. My Volca is fluctuating the modulation of my notes when all of the knobs except the cutoff are set to a zero value. I am using Ableton live to control my Volca. I've also cleared out all the sequencer data by holding function and pressing step 16. I'm playing a very basic beat and bassline, a bass note in between every kick drum in a 4/4 beat.

To my understanding and research, it is due to KeyTracking and the Volca Bass refreshing the cutoff value with ever incoming MIDI note. I've read that there is a way to turn it off but have not been able to figure out how to do so. It just seems silly that the Volca wouldn't be able to play a solid, consistent bass note...there must be a way to fix it.

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I'm bumping this out of desperation before I either throw this thing out the window or toss it back up on Ebay from which it came.


It looks like this guy's software ( has a key tracking on/off feature where any value >0 = on, so I'm assuming it's a CC message. He has an FAQ answer that basically describes your situation (

I did a little research and couldn't find a good midi datasheet, but his software is only $8 , so maybe it'd be easier than reselling the thing?

EDIT: the plot thickens! apparently that software only imitates keytracking via clever CC, so unless you are already using it to control your Volca Bass, it shouldn't have a keytracking function at all

refer to: ( … 06e2bd09f0)

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