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This is my physical patchbook, for jotting down great instruments I uncover - apologies for terrible pictures.


Pulse page:-

Wave page:-

I also have pages for tables, noise instruments, and custom waveforms.

The whole thing is on 8 pages of A4/letter paper, which when printed double-sided, cut/guillotined along the line, folded vertically, then stapled/bound is ready to go. It is slightly bigger than a DMG, but fits inside my case just right. I have made a PDF (without "Category's Sounds" written on the front) that you can feel free to use. So easy, even a child could put this together. If your printer doesn't do double sided, just print odd pages, flip the sheets, and print the even. Simples.

The whole thing was knocked up in Microsoft Publisher whilst bored, working nights in my office. I may tweak a few bits (thinking of adding a "notes" area to each instrument page). If anybody wants to tweak it for their own, I'll happily chuck the publisher files up.


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been actually searching for such a template recently

thanks for sharing