This leaves a few gpios unused. Details on the link. It shouldnt be a problem to add buttons, the gpio seems diesgned to add digital buttons pretty easily. You can use a multiplexor to add as many buttons as youd like: … pberry-pi/

The gp2x suffers against the psp for a few reasons:
- fake dpad
- shitty battery life
- (arguably) lower quality sound
- no suspend to ram feature
- i think the shoulder buttons feel better.
- built in wifi lets you grab samples from the world.
- bulti in mic on newer modules lets you sample (but with the hassle of having to use a file manager.

My dream handheld would include the above, but with the midi and usb audio capabilities of the pi, along with maybe a boot menu switch that lets you boot into a simple audio recorder for on the go sampling. Another button can be used for rsyncing your project folder to the cloud big_smile.

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then it sounds to me pi is your only bet! using the setup I hope soon to devise wink



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This has probably already been mentioned but the eNcade sounds like a pretty sweet deal when it comes to Raspi action.  Their "multiplayer software" could be good or bad but the device itself looks like a winner.

Kickstarter link: … ng-console

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Those kids look real young. And you know how the saying goes: never trust anyone under 30.


I just see the video.
I like opensource console and Specially "linux" one not android one.
So this kind of project is what i like to see on the web.

But honnestly i'm not sure a pi console should be made by those guy.
The controller seem to be terrible, the look is awfull, and It doesn't fit in a pocket...

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also: no shoulder buttons


I see the eNcade's been redesigned to include shoulder buttons!: … ts/1071815

So it could be a pretty convenient portable piggy + midi device. Not sure about the price though.


Watch the new design, it's really better.
It is like a standard gba.


Thats a 100% better. Wish they figured that out a little longer before the kickstarter ended!

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