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Plus.. people never listen to advice anyways.

Well I think this jumps right to the heart of the issue. Why even have CC? Presumably, because some people will benefit from CC. It's a pretty sound argument that some people can, and maybe they're more skilled and can actually "talk about" their music. But you certainly can't tell people not to ask for CC just because they're noobsters.

Imo, it's an issue of self-censorship on the behalf of those participating in the threads. If somebody posts a pile of shit hardly worthy of being called an album - for the sake of argument, three tracks composed of incomprehensible garbles and static (like, literally, static.. like a cord fell out somewhere and they just included it) - then ignore the shit out of it. Ignore it like you were flaming it?

I think the heart of the problem is the people asking for criticism. It makes no sense to offer a critic to someone who's just starting out with music. What they need is education. You don't expect kids to pick up writing just because they have a picture of the alphabet, let them try to invent words and then criticize that nonsense. You educated them to a point where they can write something intelligible, then you criticize that to help them hone their skills.

Film critics don't write in the papers about some student's project. Music critics don't go touring the garages around the world to review the noise some kids are making with their bargain bin guitars. There's a time to learn, and there's a time to refine. I think people are getting the two confused.

In short, if the intention is to level up the noobs to a point where they stop facerolling melodies the Geneva Convention is supposed to protect us against, then we'd need to have sections on this forum that are dedicated to music, cause there's a grand total of none. None more black.

This one goes to eleven.

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Personally, even if a CC thread was written in gold letters and every third word was an hyperlink to a picture of Kristen Stewart giving a blowjob, I still wouldn't give half a pink polka dot flying monkey fuck about it. If you need other people's opinion on a track, then either your track isn't finished or you aren't confident enough in your own music to just release the damn thing. In both cases, I'm not interested.

Plus.. people never listen to advice anyways.


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Constructive critisism on ChipMusic.org? Bullshit, man. I'm calling bullshit, what's considered "constructive critisism" on this site is everyone just being an asshole, you know?

Really? I just look through all the threads on the first page of the constructive criticism forum and couldn't find a single instance of someone being an asshole. Maybe you can point it out. Maybe you are the asshole for not being able to handle valid critique in a constructive way.

I don't bother posting music up here, mainly because I don't feel a need to do so. I've played in bands professionally, toured, and the like, and I would definitely be the first person to say that a song is never necessarily complete. There is a point however where you need to realize a song is as good as it is going to get without it feeling cramped or it being rather long. It's much like other forms of art, where the time old saying "An Artist's Work is Never Truly Done." Such a saying is just as relevant in music as any other form of art. My point is that if you're serious about your own music, you need to first get over your own worst critic: yourself, and that includes accepting pieces of your music that may not sound right. Rather than ask others for help, experiment with it yourself and what you may find is that you overshoot your expectations. If after that, you still feel there's something missing, even when you've tried everything you can think of, then ask on the CC board. I know that I would be more than happy to throw down a small write up of a track with some decent criticism, and some nitpicky things (as I tend to do; detail is very important to me and it's going to show in my music and my critiques.)

Just my $0.02

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I don't bother posting music up here, mainly because I don't feel a need to do so. I've played in bands professionally, toured, and the like, and I would definitely be the first person to say that a song is never necessarily complete.

You're not the first to say that at all, it was a mantra when I was in college.

The thing about requesting cc is that when you're exercising your writing and such, it's something that ought to be done with about six to eight colleagues who understand the style you are aiming for. Blindly showing a track to strangers who may not know what you're after and then asking for advice won't work well, maybe the best goal when visiting the cc board should be to get in touch with people who understand your genre the best.

I know that, Hunter. I'm speaking in expression for expression's sake, but my point is all the same. smile You, too, also bring up a great point, which is why it's necessary for these threads to be as concise and specific as possible. I can sure as hell help out with LSDJ and NTRQ, but put me in front of FM and MODs and I'm as lost as lost can get. Without a proper audience to critique you, should you need the critique, you might as well not be critiqued at all. An uneducated opinion is worse than no opinion at all.

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I think people should put the system they made the music on in the thread title and thread description