I'm new to this whole thing & I've searched on Google & YouTube & I can't seem to figure out why I'm not getting any sounds out of the Gameboy when I try to send MIDI messages to it. If someone could please help me out. Thanks!

This is my current setup:

Gameboy (running mGB) > usb-midi adapter from Nanoloop (set to MIDI mode on terminal) > Ableton Live

I've set my MIDI sync preferences to:
Output: Nanoloop MIDI
& I've tried all the combinations of turning track, sync & remote on/off

I have a MIDI track with "external instrument" that sends MIDI to Nanoloop MIDI
& I've tried all 16 channels on Ableton
Audio input is set to no input on Ableton because sound should come out of the Gameboy
Gameboy volume has been tested and is working and on full volume.

Am I missing something?
Thanks again for any help!


>Output: Nanoloop MIDI
You need to send the midi output of the track to the Nanoloop midi INPUT for mgb to work

>Audio input is set to no input on Ableton because sound should come out of the Gameboy

This should be the input that the gameboy is plugged into on your soundcard. so:

So you will need four midi tracks and one stereo audio track (or two mono tracks if you are splitting the output) for each MGB you are controling

You might want to create an external instrument on a midi track so you dont need a midi track AND multiple audio track so for example:

I would do the former if you are using MGB in 4 mono channel mode and the latter if you are using MGB in a single channel chord mode.

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Actually, nvm! It works now! I just pressed B & the screen on the Gameboy changed a little and it works now!
I'll just leave this up for reference I guess.

Just in case anyone else is struggling with flashing mGB to a Nanoloop One cart,
at the rhomb screen after holding select, and hello is done, press B to save mGB to portion B of the cart & I guess you would press A to send it to portion A of the cart. & an A should show up under the rhomb symbol. If you press "start" an "n" should show up but if I'm not wrong that is for updating Nanoloop versions. I made the mistake of flashing mGB to "n" and it kept overwriting my Nanoloop 1.7.5 so I kept ending up with Nanoloop 1.7.3 again and no mGB. I hope this helps someone! Cheers.


Thanks herr_prof! I hadn't figured out setup play for the 4 channels so that is very helpful! Do you know what they mean by channel being the poly mode?

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If you send midi notes on that channel (5 I think) it will automatically play a note from a non playing channel. So if you hit C E G on your keyboard it will play one note each on pu1 pu2 and the wav channel to make your chord.