Thanks to Deflemask's sweet sweet "save ROM" feature, I can turn a song into a .hes file, which most PCE/Turbografx emulators recognize, but I can't get any of them to start actually playing the sound back.

Do I need some kind of ROM wrapper to make them .pce files or something? I read online that .hes files SHOULD be able to just play on the hardware/emulator with use of the 1 and 2 buttons, but thus far I can't get any playback.

I've tried Magic Engine (doesn't see the .hes file), Ootake and HuGo.

Deflemask is flawed in so many ways and .hes "export" is one of them.

Shut the fuck up Im_A_Track_Man. smile


Defle .hes export was written with NezPlug++ specifications (the program that created the format actually) by Takashi Mamiya. They play fine on NezPlug++ Winamp plugin.

Me and MJS are looking into why they won't play on other emulators, seems to be a specific last minute modification because back in the day it was tested on all of those emulators.

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Ah, ok! Thanks man! I'll check in at a later date and see what's up, I guess!!

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Shut the fuck up Im_A_Track_Man. smile

I'm just sad because PCE is something I really like.

Solarbear, please execute your roms on Mednafen Emulator, according to our tests it should work flawlessly there. Please reply to this message if they play fine.

We are working to figure out why the other ones won't play the roms, they also lack the precious Debug feature so this will take some weeks to be fixed and included in the next v10.1 update.

Would be awesome to check if Defle .hes runs on the actual HW, this will confirm that the not working emulators are the bugged ones rather than DefleMask (something similar happened with DefleMask RAW PCM technique on Nintendo NES, works perfect on actual hardware and surprisingly forced various emulators to update his cores, because THEY WERE UNABLE TO RUN IT, but THE NES DOES)
So maybe DefleMask is not "flawed" at the end of the day, maybe it is so innovative that's outside common people's understanding. heart tongue

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Can you make it so the last bank in the NSF is fixed then (if it's not), so they're TNS compatible? Because my cartridge refuses to play any Deflemask exports with PCM.