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Hey guys! What's the easiest way to get noticed in the chipmusic industry? I've been making chiptunes since I was 13 (I'm 15 now). So can someone please help? Most of my friends at school don't like my music but everyone online says it's really good (even though I have no experience with mastering music). That's another question I had. How can I master my music? I use Audacity to record but for some unknown reason, the audio has this deep sound to it. I don't know how to fix it. Please help smile Here's my SoundCloud so you can get an example of what I'm talking about with the deep sound...



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I'd say just keep posting your stuff, mate. I don't know what you're talking about with the "deep sound" bit, but as a general critique, I'd say that I like your chord progressions and melodies, but you need some more variation from the intro to the chorus. The builds could be a little more dramatic, too, I think.


i like the idea of a chipmusic industry! :) just keep doing your thing, if making music like this makes you happy.

if you mean about getting gigs and releases, most people seem to self release these days, and gigs are up to you. ive no idea where you live, but fuck it, go to open mics that just consist of people playing covers on acoustic guitars and that one weird guy who rocks out playing guitar solos over metallica CDs and fuck with them. is there anyone promoting any kind of electronic or dance music gigs/parties in your town? get in touch. idk if your age would be an issue with venues in your country though.

otherwise, networking! go to chip gigs (travel/age eugh?), talk to people, introduce yourself as someone who hangs out in chip=win on facebook, talk about some funny drama you both saw there one time, or whatever. chances are that guy on his own over there has come down to do the same thing.

your style of music isn't my cup of tea, but i can hear a big difference in the sound what what you are recording from a game boy, compared to what appears to have been written with some other software.

its quite difficult to reply without knowing more about your specific recording set up. do you get the same problem when recording sound from a different external musical device, for example?

it really is pretty much a case of experimenting with settings, how the audio is routed through a mixer (if u use one, are you feeding the audio signal back on itself while recording? i get a strangely similar effect if this happens), different recording volumes, etc...  until you achieve the sound you are happy with.

for mastering, i quite often end up with loads of different tracks recorded at different times, using different techniques, all at different volumes, but all i do is just drag them in to a DAW (i use acid) play with the volumes of each track and get them all feeling about the same by ear, a bit of light compression, maybe a little EQ, and go.

i dont really like mastering everything so the sound wave looks like just a huge solid block.

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Teknosis wrote:

Hey guys! What's the easiest way to get noticed in the chipmusic industry? I've been making chiptunes since I was 13 (I'm 15 now). So can someone please help?

Join competitions (battleofthebits has one going on right now, hehe), make things for compilations, make albums, work on projects, hit up net-labels, promote yourself via social media, be social and talk to people... do gigs if that sort of thing is possible for you??

Basically give people a reason to listen to your music rather than just post stuff and pray that the listeners will come to you. This is general "music industry" advice, rather than specific to chipmusic but it still applies for the most part. 'Getting noticed' isn't something that happens overnight unless you're really, really lucky - otherwise it's the result of years of work.


What everyone above said. One of the most fulfilling (but not necessarily effective) ways of getting noticed is just talking to people and becoming good friends. Even if you don't get an increase in "attention" right away, you'll still have fun and want to keep making music, which is the most important part.

Basically make lots of good friends, don't think about "getting noticed" too much, keep at it day in day out, have fun

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1: Steal some songs, release then as your own
2: Get called out, say you're sorry, release your own material.
3: ???
4: profit.

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i'd say that it's especially important to attend shows which you aren't involved with in any way, too... supporting the work of other artists and socializing irl will at least help people know who you are. they still might not listen or book you but you haven't lost anything in the process and most likely will have fun