I've booted on a bunch of samples and been sent a lot to use in little piggy, including some lovely subs from Infotoxin [shameless plug]. Unfortunately some of these samples just aren't loading at all. I can see the files in my samplelib and when i go to choose the sample for the instrument. However when I press 'listen' or 'import' it just stares blankly back at me like lol no. and doesn't let me play or import them.

The files are all wav 16bit files. My question is, I've got some samples that work but they're mainly shorter single waveform / drum samples. So basically is there a max file size in bytes or a max length of time a sample can be to be compatible with little piggy?

I'm new at sample based tracking so help would be appreciated.


What platform are you running it on? And are you using the latest ghetto build?

as far as I'm aware yes but I'll check later when back from work, and caanoo is the platform.

you're limited by the RAM of the device you're running on alone. try cutting your samples down or pitch shifting them to make the file shorter and pitching it back by hand in program. also what kHz are your .wav files at ? some shit just doesn't play well with piggy.

try running all the samples through a batch converter to make sure they are the correct sample rate and bit depth.

You can load as many samples as you have slots or ram. Piggy wont NOT load stuff, itll just crash if you try to load something too big.

I had exactly the same problem here:

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/17649 … nstrument/

It was a reinstall and less samples in sample lib that sorted for me

I never ran into that but I have my samples in my lib sorted by category, so no more than 20 samples or so a folder.

herr_prof wrote:

I never ran into that but I have my samples in my lib sorted by category, so no more than 20 samples or so a folder.

i envy you. i think i need an intern to sort all mine for me at some point

I got sick of what I had and deleted everything and started from scratch starting with 200 drums and mono wave

here it is today:

Shared with ableton big_smile

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i have over 200 drums just in my chopped breakbeat folder... i think my samplelib is destined to keep growing until it finally takes almost all of the internal flash memory on my pspgo

thats why i alphabetized my druim folder a-e drums machines load pretty fast!

@herr_prof fancy sending us that sample library? wink

thanks for your help guys i think its just crashing the load as the files aretoo big

If you post them somewhere we can try on our devices. Does it work on Windows or Mac?

There are commercial samples in there but Google 200 drum machines for a start.