Hi, I have merge your pull request, and :
- Update a bit the README ;
- added a simple palette management to be able to choose between 2 kind of color scheme to fix the tiny font on pocketchip ;
- modify the KEY_REPEAT_INTERVAL_LONG* to be longer

Available on the "master" branch.

From Master.h

#define TRIG_COLOR          2
#define NOTE_COLOR          3
#define CURSOR_COLOR        4
#define STEP_COLOR          5
#define SMALLBOX_COLOR      6
#define TEXTCOLOR 7
#define BACKGROUND 8
#define MAXCOLOR 9

From PatternPlayer.cpp

#define MAX_PALETTE 1

int32_t pal0[MAXCOLOR]={0x0AF0FE,0xAECD15,0x0E4C15, 0x46DC65, 0x1515CD, 0x242C45, 0x442233, 0xFFFFFF, 0x0 };
int32_t pal1[MAXCOLOR]={0x0,     0xFFFFFF,0x00FF00, 0xFF00FF, 0x0000FF, 0x770077, 0x007700, 0xFFFFFF, 0x123456 };

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Thank you, for the colors it's much better this way. I've made a new binary for pocketchip, I'll post it probably tomorrow.

Lastest version 0.74 for psp and windows only.
Mostly bugfix :
- new colorscheme for better visibility
- handle a crash which occur on the last builded version, garvalf  seem to have a similar bug, which seem to not be propagated on psp and windows, need to checkit out
- better opl2 implementation, now seem to be more easier to use ;

All pattern come from my psp, don't hesitate to remove them from bank/bank0 directory first.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/83lapj3i53vsy … 5.zip?dl=0

@garvalf, next build I will take your version and put it on the zip.

for the build I'll probably wait the crash problem to be fixed. I'll send you more debug data. It doesn't crash for you (in the order list)?

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I've begun to make a little cheatsheet for picoloop, you can get the first version there:

http://pdfsr.com/pdf/picoloop-manual (desktop PC version)

http://pdfsr.com/pdf/picoloop-manual-pocketchip-version (pocket chip version)

http://pdfsr.com/pdf/picoloop-manual-1 (PSP version)

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Cool smile

I've worked more on the tutorial, you can get it here:


There is an online version for your browser (displays on github), and pdf versions for printing, if you wish.

@garvalf thank you for your great work on this.
To all, if you have support request or comment, tell us.
There is a lot of thing to be made, but yes, it take times smile

Hi Guys,

Here is a new version only for PSP 0.74c.
I've used it on the train this week, and seem to do the job pretty well.
I've took some garvalf input to put in it, and now I think it's a really cool release.

This morning I've recorded few pattern on it and I've put the song recorded as wav file in my dropbox.
This is the audio out recorded straight from the PSP done with a Zoom H4n, so no effect, just the sound produce by the apps on the psp.
Good listening and if you want to try it on yor psp here is the download link.

Song in soundclound :  https://soundcloud.com/yoyz2k/picoloop-song-074c-psp
Song in wav in dropbox : https://www.dropbox.com/s/yp4er45dfm7o9 … 0.wav?dl=0
Picoloop 0.74c psp application : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2riwkx1llxxjw … p.zip?dl=0

Good weekend wink

It's been a long time since I tried your software. I'll take a look at it soon. It seems really cool.

Cool song. I see you've also released an album on Bandcamp:

Is it both with picoloop and nanoloop?

@gala have fun with it, I think today you can make great song with it. The song I've made was done in one hours writing pattern in a train with my psp, 30 minutes recording at home live with my psp, so pretty fast.
Windows/ linux version are more powerfull, but you can't put them in your pocket wink
The "project" file for this song is in the psp version, so you can learn how it was done. It's the first bank : bank0.
garvalf has written a good manual which describe the workflow, which is close to nanoloop 2.x.

@garvalf, yes i've put all the song i've made this summer in this album. I allways use two gears, max 3 gears to make each song. I have not used much picoloop in this album, next one will contain more tracks. This album is really two weeks of holiday this summer playing with my electribe e2 and nanoloop 2.7 and nanostudio, because it's really today my favourite portable setup : drum pad, knob, lots of different sound palette. I like this hardware setup. I will use nanoloop mono too with this hardware setup soon smile

track1 : electribe e2 + nanoloop 2.7
track2 : electribe e2 + nanoloop 2.7
track3 : picoloop + novation xstation + elektron sfx60
track4 : nanostudio(iphone4) + electribe e2 + nanoloop 2.7
track5: electron sfx60 + electribe e2

I use the sfx60 because it has fm and sid emulation and basic drum sound. it's a beefy nanoloop 2.7 smile
There is a pulse sync option now in picoloop, so I will see if it is easy to play with picoloop has the "master" in this electribe e2 setup.

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I've put the windows binary with the PSP binary in the same zip and also the garvalf manual with it and now it is available more easily on github :

https://github.com/yoyz/audio/releases/ … 4d-release

I've released my first Picoloop tune, I've put it there: http://chipmusic.org/garvalf/music/les-ponts

Picoloop is a really cool tool for making this kind of music, it's very easy to shape the sounds with it. I've still not managed to use nanoloop yet, I guess they are quite similar. The sound engines in Picoloop are quite coherent and mix good together. And very recently, the MOS SID engine has been added as well.

I've made an article about Picoloop on Battle of the Beats: http://battleofthebits.org/academy/Grou … r+your+PC/

I've also updated a bit the manual, and I'm working on a new Picoloop tune (which is quite crazy).

cool smile