Hello this thing is really bugging me out. I noticed that on certain DMGs with lsdj i get a high pitch whine sound coming from the wave channel when added to the other 3 channels.
When i put that same cartridge in another DMG the sound is not there.

Is this a Bug that could be fixed? Or is it just how certain gameboys CPUs are?

The reason why i am asking is because i want to sync both Gameboys together but the one marked "CPU-03" Is the one with the high pitched sound.

I have the updated version of LSDJ with that antspike fix that is supposed to kill that sound but that fix only works with certain CPU models.

I guess i will just have to accept that its just part of the Gameboy grime!

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That's why I try to stick to Play it Louds because most of those seem to be CPU-08 because they were made way later than the greyboys and also I find the film comes off way easier for backlighting.

Check this thread: http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/11881 … revisited/

From that thread:
Known CPU models that have been giving people trouble with LSDj:

Known CPU models that work well with LSDj:

Thanks for the reply. Yeah i figured i would just have to deal with the noise issue.

I will keep a look out for some newer CPU DMGs