scanner boy can you post a picture post-mod as well?

I've got only these two crappy pictures made with my phone - 1 and 2

I don't think it's a ideal solution beacuse I'm pretty sure that there is a more comfortable GND point. Also it would be a good idea to incorporate the volume pot for volume control and the gameboy proprietary audio socket for a cleaner look.

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This is great- can you post a third comparison of a DMG playing the same song sample? If the bass is comparable, I may need to transition to the GBC!

Unfortunetly I don't have access to a pro sounded DMG. If you want you can record it yourself. Here's THE LINK to the lsdsng

PS: Sry for the late reply.

I want to boost the bass further, should I use higher or lower value caps than 4.7uF?

scannerboy, did you ever try this with 10uF?

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Hey, bigger cap equals more bass smile

I tried borh smaller and bigger caps and decided that 4.7uf makes the biggest difference without the sound being muddy

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Ah alright, thank you! smile

Does anybody have a picture of the gameboy color PCB with the 4.7uF cap installed?

If the GBC is prosound modded does this also boost the bass output there as well?

katsumbhong did a great job documenting everything

the mod is an evolved prosound smile