im putting some ym2612 stuff here

there is more on my YT channel.
17-titles musicrom also at  > https://www.sendspace.com/file/1ftmpt
what do you think?

Very nice! Sounds like real game music. Great to hear someone else doing YM2612 music! I also make music in Deflemask and play it live from two Sega Mega Drives. Do you play your music on real hardware too? Looking forward to hearing more!

heh thanks. i dont have any real hardware, i've come to ym2612 because a friend needed muzac for a game and i had too much free time smile i was hooked with the sound of the good ol'megadrive, very underestimated and polyvalent as a music device (psg,fm & pcm at once, waaa). it can sound very different than the average 90's videogame cliché and also loud as $%§ (which is a good thing), me gusta!

btw i like your stuff too !

really liking ymstep+
strong vibes.

It may be your intent as VGM is usually made to loop, but for their length (aside from the first track) they don't seem to progress or go anywhere aside from slight deviations and additional synth. Props for the interesting sounds, I love the slow attacking drones in the first track and use of panning.