At home.Superb PCB quality.THNX Scannerboy!

hey, just wanted you guys to know that I've added a address decoder to the circuit. Now you can select different sid addresses. I can post instructions how to mod the circuit I have already made (it's only one additional IC) or make new pcbs if we get enough people.


Yep I will buy another 4x PCBs... Plus that 4x that IC... Can you please send me how to mod old one too?

Just to update - I did the 3SID install (with decoder board too) and it is running perfectly in 3Sid Wizard - Hermit said to me he is considering doing a converter so that 1 and 2sid song files can be converted for use in 3sid wizard which would be very handy.

Will upload some pics of the install on my C64C when I am at home

Here is a short segment of one of the 3SID tunes I did in my Squaresounds set in Melb last week - granted I am doubling up some channels - all using Hermit's 3SID version of Sid Wizard

Whole set is here -

Tracks 1,3,5 = C64C with 3SIDs (8580) using Scannerboy's 3SID PCB and Hermit's Sid Wizard (3sid version)
Tracks 2,4,6 = C64C with 2SIDs (8580 and 6581) using Prophet cart

Verb = Strymon Blue Sky pedal