Great job you're doing here!! heart
Yesterday I got to get it working on my pocketchip. I tried building myself, but I started getting some errors about cflags and libsdl (probably due to my null experience on linux building). I have not access to my pocketchip right now, but I'll post the exact message later.
For the moment, I'm using garvalf's binary (v.075, I think) and it's working OK, but I would like to keep it updated, so I think I'll must start to learn about building.

Can't wait to play with this and the upcoming sonic pi's midi functionality smile

I don't remember everything I did for building picoloop, and now my system is configured for this so it just work. You can post your errors and I'll try to help. I may also try to build an updated version (I'm not using the pocketchip that much at the moment)

It gives me this error when trying to compile. Does this mean something to you?:

#error "SDL1.2 or SDL2.0 are mandatory, you should put -D__SDL12 or -D__SDL20__ in the CFLAGS"


I assume you have read the readme, but anyway:

- have you installed the required libraries?

apt-get install libsdl* libasound2*  libpthread*  g++  make libjack-dev  

- have you run the correct makefile?

cd      picoloop
make -f Makefile.RtAudio_pocketchip               clean
make -f Makefile.RtMidi_pocketchip                clean
make -f Makefile.PatternPlayer_pocketchip_RtAudio clean
make -f Makefile.RtAudio_pocketchip
make -f Makefile.RtMidi_pocketchip
make -f Makefile.PatternPlayer_pocketchip_RtAudio
make -f Makefile.PatternPlayer_pocketchip_RtAudio

I don't remember having modified the cflags and such, it seems it's already in the makefile: LSDL/lib

But I remember now Yoyz told me he added support for SDL2 recently, so maybe we need to change the pocketchip makefile to select the correct version.

Meanwhile, try adding this in the Makefile.PatternPlayer_pocketchip_RtAudio file:


and run the commands again.

I'll have a look this weekend.

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Hi Sanju and Garvalf smile

The makefile of the pocketchip was outdated, because of the support of SDL2 and SDL1.2.
I've update it for pocketchip, it may work better now.
Launch the git pull I will tag this one as pocketchip ok, if you tell me : "this one is ok".

Have fun !

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Yes! It's working for me now on PocketCHIP.

Thanks! smile

Cool smile
You're welcome wink
tagged picoloop-0.77b-pocketchipok

I doublecheck the debian, fedora core 25 and sometime the psvita when i tag something, but most of the time it's only validated on debian. So if you want to keep on the edge, stay on tagged version. They should be stable, the master branch is... sometimes.... broken !

to list tag : $ git tag
to checkout a tag : $ git checkout picoloop-0.77b-pocketchipok

Have fun !

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yeah, it works for me too. Thanks!

Great smile
I'm happy to hear it smile

hey, I got a good idea.

The keyboard on the pocketchip really suck, making it a bit tedious to use picoloop on it. So I've found you can connect an usb gamepad to it, and use it like on the psp.

Just get a kind of "usb snes" on ebay (I got mine for under 3 €, like there: … SwNyFWekeq)

Install qjoypad: (on debian / ubuntu / mint / pocketchip just "sudo apt-get install qjoypad")

Copy my settings from there: … /.qjoypad3 and put the .qjoypad3 folder into your home directory ~/

(or redefine your own from the gui, if you're using an other gamepad like a ps3 one. It seems the gui doesn't work on pocketchip because there is not systray?)

You can also use it from your pc. I haven't tried it enough to choose if it's better than from the keyboard but it seems convenient. The buttons are like the PSP one, just on the pocketchip it's X instead of A and Y instead of B so you can use the same qjoypad settings everywhere.

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How does it sound on pocketchip ?
I've heard a lot of bad thing on the raspi1/2 pwm sound output.
Does the pocketchip sound weird or is it ok, like a real sound card ?

I think, if I buy one I will use a joypad like you say, but I will need a midi cable too. Can you try a simple non power hub to double check if you can plug multiple usb stuff on it ? and there is enough power ?

Thanks a lot

I believe the jack output mustn't be much better than the one on raspberry pi. For me it sounds rather ok. I could try to record something to hear the comparison. I'll also try to plug a cable for midi with the joypad, and I'll tell you (maybe not before next weekend).

In my opinion the pocketchip is funny, but it's not that useful, especially if you own other devices for making music. Anyway it's rather cheap so why not.

I think this is a funny device.
But the keyboard is really not my taste...
I don't know a more powerfull device for this price and this feature...
Unfortunately, it is not really the platform I want to play every day because of this awfull keyboard.
But for a midi sequencer.... It may be a great platform...

I've tried an usb hub (non powered from ext PSU), and it works, I could plug my midi master keyboard and this snes gamepad (the latency when using midi in sunvox is quite high, I'd say at least 200 ms).
I think you can also plug an external keyboard. It works fine for me with a bluetooth mini keyboard (yeah, there is also BT which is quite convenient)

It become more and more interesting smile
Thank you Garvalf smile


Any news?!?!?!