Laughed at the 4''33 post. It fits in perfectly next to gabber, some how.

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do it, man. whats a ghost snare? how is it made? am i gonna have to learn about the ghost channel to do it?

'Ghost notes', on drums they're just super quiet notes, like some snares in funk breaks and such.
In line with standard drum notation it'd be best just to put a bracket around it though. '(s)'

I welcome proper corrections. If it is brackets <it is what you want, no?> you would  prefer, then use them. Now then, with further questions, in one of my closed hats I have to notate hard closed hat and closed hat at the same time... How would I notate that? Could brackets diminish a ride or hat in the same way?
sorry about all of the poor grammar, I just made donuts all night. Having gluten brainfog now k.

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thank you to everyone for help on this database! someone should embed this somewhere that has high exposure so noobs have help.

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aren't ghost snares called rimshots? Or Roffel fills

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