Done some research on this and ive still got a few unanswered questions. Wondered if anyone here might be able to help me out.

So Ive got it running on my arch linux laptop, the sound outputs fine (ran into problems with jack falling back to SDL but it sounds fine so not touching it for now)

Does midi sync work on linux? I cant find the answer online. Has anyone experienced this working and did you have to jump through a bunch of hoops? My plan is to sync with LSDJ through arduinoboy. I have a second laptop, would my time be better spent sticking windows on it and running LGPT from there?


Forgot to mention, I also have a raspberry pi 2 model B that I could run this on. I was planning on doing this in a few months time when I have some cash to buy a small screen, mouse and keyboard

I believe midi sync would be capable whether or not the OS comes into play if it's available via software, i think the only issues you may face would be latency.
not super experienced with LGPT and linux, but i put Peppermint OS on my netbook and have been itching to experiment. will let you know if midi is capable going in via usb.

Yea it works! If it doesnt, you should try reinstalling alsa-midi.

Linux has the tightest midi of all the desktop os imo.

how to make it work on 64bit debian?

Have to compile from source mayhabs

mt12345 wrote:

how to make it work on 64bit debian?

I spent some time messing with this, and you can install the 32bit architecture, but then I was in dependency hell.

In contrast installing a 32bit ubuntu only required me to instal SDL and I was in business!