Working on a new thing to be released soon.

New release from the 8-bit reggae duo Helgeland 8-bit Squad coming 27th october - Check out our new single & video here smile !! What you think?

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Industrial album by DJ BASTERD SHITE

Thebasebit Recordings proudly presents our next release & newest addition to the TBBR family: Dutch chip-bass legend MONODEER with his relentless new EP, "Particles"

Produced on a Nintendo Gameboy + LSDJ synced with a Korg Volca Beats, "Particles" provides us with six hard-hitting, ground-shaking chipmusic tracks (including a collaboration with the almighty Mega Ran) like the world has never heard before.

Listen to a preview of the EP right now: … ep-preview

Artwork by CHEMA64

Full EP available November 1st 2017 @

Featuring NintenKwonDo!, Hypnogram, AndroidDoctorr

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using LSDJ for my mixtaPE

Hey guys.

I have made a whole new chiptune.
It will make you happy.
Because it is very fun and brand new.

I am a boy working in Tokyo in Japan.
My songs are cool rather than a naughty geek song, do you?

*I am using a translation machine. … collection

2nd track is awesome

who would have thought... the I finally releases some stuff (next month) on Bleepstreet Records...

stay cool people and funk the database

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This is the teaser of my new album, 11 tracks ,more than 30 minutes of music! tongue i didn't expect that
Is a collection of the best songs i made the last year.
I hope that will be heavy enough for your tastes

This was released 4 days ago but it's really good!
Apparently "every song is inspired by a video game OR about a video game character" as they say. It's a competition at their facebook page. smile

I don't know if any of you know who Shrimps is, but it's my band and we've got our first full-length album finished. We think it's good enough to be pressed to vinyl but we're poor af. We're doing a Kickstarter as a presale cuz screw pressing a huge pile of records that no one wants.

You want? Go here: … imps-album

I've got a new album coming out Feb 11, 2018!
Here's a little preview.

Working on a new environmental sound collapse release for the first time in 4 years, looks like I'll also have a split coming out soon. Plus doing an album of remixes for my d_strct project that's only a few tracks short of being done

Hey guys! I've got a chiptune album coming out tomorrow called Voidbound. It would be mighty swell if y'all wanted to check it out smile I have a single (and some older, less important tunes) on my Soundcloud, but the full album is gonna be available for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp. Like my facebook page for updates and stuff! Let me know what you guys think, all criticism is welcome. heart (nothing here yet, but there will be tomorrow!)

glooms - vanilla dome // DF025

Dropping on 4/20 via
Listen to the album preview on soundcloud

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