Working on a new thing to be released soon.

New release from the 8-bit reggae duo Helgeland 8-bit Squad coming 27th october - Check out our new single & video here smile !! What you think?

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Industrial album by DJ BASTERD SHITE

Thebasebit Recordings proudly presents our next release & newest addition to the TBBR family: Dutch chip-bass legend MONODEER with his relentless new EP, "Particles"

Produced on a Nintendo Gameboy + LSDJ synced with a Korg Volca Beats, "Particles" provides us with six hard-hitting, ground-shaking chipmusic tracks (including a collaboration with the almighty Mega Ran) like the world has never heard before.

Listen to a preview of the EP right now: … ep-preview

Artwork by CHEMA64

Full EP available November 1st 2017 @

Featuring NintenKwonDo!, Hypnogram, AndroidDoctorr

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using LSDJ for my mixtaPE

Hey guys.

I have made a whole new chiptune.
It will make you happy.
Because it is very fun and brand new.

I am a boy working in Tokyo in Japan.
My songs are cool rather than a naughty geek song, do you?

*I am using a translation machine. … collection

2nd track is awesome

who would have thought... the I finally releases some stuff (next month) on Bleepstreet Records...

stay cool people and funk the database

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This is the teaser of my new album, 11 tracks ,more than 30 minutes of music! tongue i didn't expect that
Is a collection of the best songs i made the last year.
I hope that will be heavy enough for your tastes

This was released 4 days ago but it's really good!
Apparently "every song is inspired by a video game OR about a video game character" as they say. It's a competition at their facebook page. smile

I don't know if any of you know who Shrimps is, but it's my band and we've got our first full-length album finished. We think it's good enough to be pressed to vinyl but we're poor af. We're doing a Kickstarter as a presale cuz screw pressing a huge pile of records that no one wants.

You want? Go here: … imps-album