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That's strange.
Well, You WILL hear some strange noises while You press "MONITOR" before recording (to set a proper volume level)

on the right hand side, middle.
But when You press RECORD then, it should sound clear.
Supposedly Your samples is broken.

YECH, Octamed! xD
What I hear is line-level noise. Isn't that kinda normal? Every line input has some noise.
Then again I wouldn't discard the possibility of the sampler being broken.

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I hope I'm not disturbing the dead, but I thought I'd try and simplify things.

This is what I remember form back in the day, and I googled to confirm, so here goes:

1. For general non-melodic samples (vocal, perc, etc), it's common to use F-3 because it's half the 44.1khz CD frequency, so 22.372 Hz.

Don't remember why exactly, maybe it assumes sampling from a CD-quality source, and then it makes sense like scaling an image to 50% giving better results than scaling 43.7%.

2. For melodic stuff you want it tuned to C, so 16.726Hz. Halve that for an octave lower, etc.

3. If you want to get the highest possible frequency, go for A-3 = 28.185 Hz

4. DSS was by far the best Amiga sampler I ever saw. I had amazing results with it even sampling from tape, esp if using it's own software.
It is however hard to believe that there are no proper software resamplers with antialias or dithering or whatever is needed to make it not sound like shit. Will definitely investigate more as I finally got my "channel z" fitted with a CF card.

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Oh just found this on pouet


C-1 856 4181
C#1 808 4430
D-1 760 4709
D#1 720 4971
E-1 680 5264
F-1 640 5593
F#1 600 5965
G-1 568 6302
G#1 538 6678
A-1 508 7046
A#1 480 745 7
B-1 452 7919
C-2 428 8363
C#2 404 8860
D-2 380 9419
D#2 360 9943
E-2 340 10528
F-2 320 11186
F#2 300 11931
G-2 284 12604
G#2 268 13356
A-2 254 14092
A#2 240 14914
B-2 226 15838
C-3 214 16726
C#3 202 17720
D-3 190 18839
D#3 1 80 19886
E-3 170 21056
F-3 160 22372
F#3 150 23863
G-3 142 25208
G#3 134 26713
A-3 127 28185


Dang, this thread is super informative... it answers all of my Amiga sampling questions.
A must read wink


omg thanks guize :3

One thing though.
When I save a sample as IFF it can never read them, I have to use MAUD instead.

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if I convert my samples to 16kHz and use 8-channel mode in octamed4, will the samples be played in 8kHz quality?

iLKke wrote:

Oh just found this on pouet


C-2 428 8363
C#2 404 8860
D-2 380 9419
D#2 360 9943

on PAL amigas C-2 is at 8287 so  sounds sampled at 8363 would be played little bit out of tune?