i don't know, but usually those are not so accidental i guess.

I google translated a polish thread that I cannot find now, but it basically said that his house was next to some tracks, and we was performing house work on his home and was carrying materials across the tracks when he was struck. No matter the cause, it is a huge tragedy.

i can confirm that, often when we speak of "train accidents" over here we're being euphemistic but this was really an accident.

Too tragic for a "track" pun.

Also, I think RMT is closed source sad

I'm trying to use RMT on Linux. I can launch it using Wine, and all looks correct. However, the problem is when I enter a note, then the "step" option (default set to 1) will increase to 2, 3, 4 etc, making it tedious to use for entering any note. Any idea?

I'm glad this thread got updated, now I know what to use for my next project.

Ahh, the wonders of WINE... have you tried a different keyboard mapping, ie EN-US or something?

it's the same in qwerty, yes. I guess if this step change option wasn't in the toolbox, it wouldn't behave this way. I've also tried to hide the toolbox, but it's the same. I've also use a virtual midi keyboard for entering notes, but I can only enter one note, then I have to focus again on RMT, back to the virtual keyboard, and I can play a second note, so it's not an option. I might open an issue on the wine bugtracker. Most other windows trackers I'm using either works fine (vortex tracker) or don't start at all  (WyzTracker). Ah, and there's also the beepola sound problem... but it's the first time I encounter such an issue in an exe started with wine.

Thanks for resurrecting this!  Never heard about it until now.  Definitely checking it out tonight!

I'm happy it could help people discovering this tracker, which looks like one of the best for POKEY music. Too sad the author passed away :'(

I've found a workaround for my problem on Linux/Wine. Just select the "0" step, then hit the "alt" key,  it should lock the step option. If it doesn't stay, try "alt+1" for example. It worked for me!

I can help you with RMT too...

BTW how many RMT / POKEY musicians are here?

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I don't know how many people are active using this tracker, but here are some classic 8-bit NES to POKEY covers I made in RMT:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9zDcAQ … osY56vKRne

it sounds great @Fragmare! I wish I had more time to work more with this tracker.