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Here's a newer version of TFM Maker.  Latest I believe is still v1.52.

Delek:  It's good that people don't like certain things and take things into their own hands to make something they want.  I can't say I really "like" DefleMask or VGM MM very much.  The GUI in DefleMask is just bizarre and not very intuitive.  Certain elements of it are even glitchy; especially when you are editing FM instruments and playing sequences.  And truthfully comparing DefleMask and VGM MM is pointless.  They are two different types of trackers.  On one hand DefleMask tries to shove as much chip-related tracking into one environment.  VGM MM is a Genesis-only tracker (that can also sort of do Game Gear/SMS.)  VGM MM is able to be more intimate with the Genesis/MD music because it can cater entirely around that one console and its few chips.  DefleMask has one GUI and supports multiple platforms.  It tries to make one environment for multiple types of chips.  I believe it cannot be as intimate as a tracker made for specifically one sound chip or console/computer.  If you can get people to like tracking in your environment then you have a powerful workstation that allows export of multiple sound chips.  In that sense it would be superior.  For example, Sunvox is a sonovabitch to learn at first, but once you understand it it is a very fun and amazing environment to work with.  I see that potential with DefleMask, but it just isn't there at the moment.  Keep up the good work until then!

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I invite you to the DefleMask's forums again, I added the Wavetables Macro thanks to your request, so you can point one by one what is the "bizarre" and "not very intuitive" things about the GUI, and maybe we can make DefleMask better one more time; also, could you please explain those "glitches" that you are suffering while editing FM Instruments? (because a similar issue was already fixed some months ago, and maybe you are reporting already fixed things).

B00daW wrote:

For example, Sunvox is a sonovabitch to learn at first, but once you understand it it is a very fun and amazing environment to work with.

Is the same for DefleMask, I grantee that if a new user reads the manual completely and spend time using the tracker, he will realize that it is very easy to use. But well, many people usually close applications when they are not similar to what they were using, even without even reading the manual. A similar thing happened to Shiru with VGMMM.

We can continue this in DefleMask's Forum, if you want, to avoid mixing DefleMask and VGMMM here.

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You bet.  I respect that you can take criticism in stride.  In the following week I'll try to start another serious project with DefleMask so I can create a bug list while I'm working.

Btw, I remember talking to 8GB about you back when I met him in person.  Very surprised you've made it this far. smile

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Bumping this to let you all know that all dropbox links in this topic are all 404. However, I did find another working link for TFM Music Maker 1.52. … 2.rar?dl=1
Sadly, the only link for VGM Music Maker I can find is this one. … 20v1.11.7z

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This thread is a really good example of why I don't use deflemask