how would I go about syncing nanoloop2// nanoloop mono AND a monotribe?
I have two of catskulls analog adapters if that helps at all and other goodies.

Tacoma WA

plug into the sync with a 3.5 mm cable and you're good to go. 
i use it with my nano mono and a modular / monotribe / pocket operator all the time


you'll have to set a Master and then split the signal

well the monotribe should have sync in and out....

so nl2 into monotribe
and monotribe to mono

for example

I do use this to split my signal thx low gain … 419956111/


also if monotribe has cv output you can slave both nlmono and nl2 (check manuals for analog sync modes). Tribe to analog adapter to split link cable to the boys.This way if monotribe has a swing mode it can be applied to nanoloop as well hhhnnnng

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