Does anyone have any advice about circuit bending a playstation2? I was thinking of somehow using the audio circuitry in it with a casio keyboard. I'm a bit of a noob.


if you're looking to circuitbend, start with something easy. maybe a pt-1 or an sk-1. a ps2 has tons of discrete circuits that you're not gonna be able to bend.

Do not destroy your ps2. Get the hang of pre-90s hardware before you destroy anything that is worth more than $10. Overclocking a cpu could be done, but that is a very advanced mod!

Orgia Mode wrote:


yeah, no

Go to your local thrift store and find yourself some kids toys to work on. Because A: never work on a mains powered device while circuit bending. and B: don't get in over your head before you get the basics. Surely never do both!

TylerBarnes wrote:

never work on a mains powered device while circuit bending

This just needed to be stated again. Stick to cheap battery powered items where the worst thing to happen when you screw up is you're out a couple bucks.

Get FREE MCBOOT and throw Gradius V on dat sucker.

I did once install a headphone amplifier into a FAT PS2 so I could play lewd games in private. big_smile But aside from that, I don't see how anything could be tampered with to "bend" a ps2 without having it crash on you.