Some things that have been taking up space on my desk too long.
Photos are here: … xCyAEYetZR
All items are priced shipped CONUS, I'll ship anywhere else but you pay cost. Payment via Paypal friends & family or you cover fees.

I'm looking for original DMG battery covers in green and blue, and will value them highly in trade. I would also consider interesting drive/distortion pedals, or a very small powered eurorack case.

Gameboy Micro - dinged up but working fine, I've performed with this and used it for music and never had a problem. It probably needs a new battery soon. Comes with charger.
$70 shipped CONUS

Cobalt Blue 3DS - Apparently a color not sold in the US. In good condition other than the paint chipping around the edges of the bottom half. Works perfectly. Stylus included. NO CHARGER INCLUDED.
$65 shipped CONUS

Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary DSi XL - BROKEN TOP SCREEN. iFixit lists this repair as "very difficult" and the replacement part is almost $90 - but it would be a great source of spare parts for your otherwise broken DSi XL, or possibly compatible parts with a 3DS. … ement/3577
$15 shipped CONUS

EZ-Flash IV with 2GB MiniSD card - works perfectly, has some Star Wars themed skin installed that I couldn't figure out how to remove, and a bunch of games and music programs installed.
$50 shipped CONUS

Nanoloop 2 cart, Doc Pop edition. I haven't done anything with this, Nanoloop is just never gonna be for me, gotta accept it. Still has all of Doc's songs on it. The Doc Pop edition is not the bare red cart that was originally offered in the kickstarter, they were all lost in customs and remade as normal GBA carts in grey shells, which is what mine is.
$45 shipped CONUS

hmu y'all

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