Matthew Joseph Payne

Some things that have been taking up space on my desk too long.
Photos are here: … xCyAEYetZR
All items are priced shipped CONUS, I'll ship anywhere else but you pay cost. Payment via Paypal friends & family or you cover fees.

I'm looking for original DMG battery covers in green and blue, and will value them highly in trade. I would also consider interesting drive/distortion pedals, or a very small powered eurorack case.

Gameboy Micro - dinged up but working fine, I've performed with this and used it for music and never had a problem. It probably needs a new battery soon. Comes with charger.
$70 shipped CONUS

Cobalt Blue 3DS - Apparently a color not sold in the US. In good condition other than the paint chipping around the edges of the bottom half. Works perfectly. Stylus included. NO CHARGER INCLUDED.
$65 shipped CONUS

Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary DSi XL - BROKEN TOP SCREEN. iFixit lists this repair as "very difficult" and the replacement part is almost $90 - but it would be a great source of spare parts for your otherwise broken DSi XL, or possibly compatible parts with a 3DS. … ement/3577
$15 shipped CONUS

EZ-Flash IV with 2GB MiniSD card - works perfectly, has some Star Wars themed skin installed that I couldn't figure out how to remove, and a bunch of games and music programs installed.
$50 shipped CONUS

hmu y'all

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Matthew Joseph Payne

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