Hello there,

I actually managed to boot a game with a custom boot logo on a Gameboy, since it reads this part twice, once for VRAM and once to check that it's correct.

So I've used an attiny85 to select the rom with the custom logo then a delay of 100ms then the rom to boot up, it works perfectly on a gameboy and gameboy color. (I've used arduino to program the chip)

However I couldn't find how to do it for a Gameboy Advance, the delay isn't the same (around 400ms) hence I still can't boot the game with the full custom logo.

I was wondering if it's possible on a GBA.



Did you maybe mix GB Pocket with GB Color? The simple ROM swap scheme you described is the same as in nanoloop and only works with DMG and GB Pocket.


The GBC has more sophisticated testing. In order to display your own logo on the GBC you need to alternate your logo and the Nintendo logo as follows: powerup with "Nintendo", "Nintendo" logo present for 19.2ms after reset, Custom logo present for 89.6ms, "Nintendo" logo present for 46.4ms, Custom logo present for 262.7ms, "Nintendo" logo present forever.

I haven't tried this, but I guess it's the same for GBA.


Thanks for your reply.

I'm using a purple Gameboy Color CGB-001.

That's strange indeed.

I'm using this simple code I wrote on Arduino and it works.

int ADR1 = 3; // A15 or A16
int ADR2 = 4; // A16 or A17

void setup() {

pinMode(ADR1, OUTPUT); // Pin 11 as Output
  pinMode(ADR2, OUTPUT); // Pin 12 as Output

digitalWrite(ADR1, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(ADR2, LOW);


digitalWrite(ADR1, LOW);
 digitalWrite(ADR2, LOW);


  void loop() {


I'm gonna try the way of GB Dev FAQs as you stated to see if it works on a GBA.


I didn't manage to get it to work on a GBA.

However on a Gameboy pocket I had to start with the custom logo rom instead of the nintendo logo rom and the delay is 500ms.