I totally desperate meanwhile because I can't get the percussions to work. Can someone explain to me what registers one uses to create the rhythm sounds?
From the Application Manual I know that I have to set bit 5 of Register 0xE to enable the Rhythm Sound Mode.
But how can I play a percussion sound? (III-1-7) tells me how to enable / disable BD, SD, TOM, CYM, HH - but what do I have to do afterwards?
I guess the BD is only available on Channel 7 + Channel 9, the other instruments on channel 8 and / or 9.
Can someone please describe what registers to set to create e.g. a Hihat on Channel X, a Bass drum on Channel Y and so on?
I really love the PSG b/c of the embedded instruments but the rhythm part - I wanna tear my hair out. sad