I totally desperate meanwhile because I can't get the percussions to work. Can someone explain to me what registers one uses to create the rhythm sounds?
From the Application Manual I know that I have to set bit 5 of Register 0xE to enable the Rhythm Sound Mode.
But how can I play a percussion sound? (III-1-7) tells me how to enable / disable BD, SD, TOM, CYM, HH - but what do I have to do afterwards?
I guess the BD is only available on Channel 7 + Channel 9, the other instruments on channel 8 and / or 9.
Can someone please describe what registers to set to create e.g. a Hihat on Channel X, a Bass drum on Channel Y and so on?
I really love the PSG b/c of the embedded instruments but the rhythm part - I wanna tear my hair out. sad

Dallas, Texas

Currently been trying to figure this out for XPMCK. Seemingly setting everything right and getting no rhythm hits playing. Tried all octaves and setting mode back to M0 for melody mode works perfectly fine.

I have

K M1 v15 o1 l2
K L @0 c @1 c

I managed to produce the desired percs by setting the desired volume and correct FNums for the 3 channels - like: note "A" for BD (FNum 288) (datasheet p. 16) -  and then triggering the desired percussion via register 0xE (e.g. 00110001b - enable rhythm mode and play the BD and the HH) every step. The rhythm output is a bit quite compared to the instrument output but it works. Great chip, love it.