Here's a quick overview of what I've got, details are below. PHOTOS can be found online here: photo gallery

- Korg DSS-1
- 2x XAOC Tirana Mk1
- Doepfer A-138a Mixer
- Eowave Titan Oscillator – Black Edition
- Launchpad Bag
- MeanWell RT-60B PSU


- Bastl Knit Rider+expansion
- Nanoloop one + cable + lsmidi adapter
- Arduino Uno + MIDI board + Audio board + accelerometer board
- Raspberry Pi 1
- Xiwi Arduinoboy
- PCBs for the VG2 passive dual lowpass gate
- Erica Poilivoks VCF
- Sound Machines LS-1
- Broken Gameboy for spare parts
- DMG Backlight kit


Shipping prices are not included, and depend on weight, size and your location. So just ask and I'll check prices for you. I'd rather only ship to EU.


I will accept Paypal and Transferwise as payment methods. Paypal fees are included.



>>> Korg DSS-1 | 400€

Interesting mix of digital synthesis / sampling and analog filters. The UI is very 80s, i.e. a bunch of buttons and a couple of sliders to set the parameters. If you can live with that, it's a very cool/great sounding synth. Also very big. It took me 5 years to finally come to terms with the fact that I'll never use it much, due to lack of space. So I'm now selling it, but it breaks my heart a bit.

Pros: you get a HxC floppy emulator, no need to mess around with wonky floppy disks!

Known issues: right output isn't working, my mod isn't comsmetically perfect.

This thing is big and heavy, so it won't make much sense – cost-wise – to ship it too far away.

>>>  2x XAOC Tirana Mk1 | 200€ for both

First version of the Tirana Sequencer, it's a 4-step sequencer that can be chained (so getting two you have an 8-step seq), more infos here:

>>> Doepfer A-138a Linear Mixer | 25€

Classic cheap Doepfer mono mixer with linear pots

>>> Eowave Titan Oscillator – Black Edition | 75€

Nice, small analogue VCO. … ck-edition

>>> Launchpad Bag | 8€

Original neoprene bag for the first gen Launchpad. Should work with successive models as well, but better check!

>>> MeanWell RT-60B PSU | 10€

It's a multi-output PSU that delivers +/-12V and 5V. It's certainly one of the best switching PSUs on the market, but if you're thinking about using it for a modular case, let's talk about this first. It does work fine in many situations, but there's caveats you should know about.

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rumpelfilter wrote:

>>> DMG backlight kit | 3€

Not sure which version this is, it was a present, but I broke the gameboy in the attempt to install it (yeah… it was the above listed gameboy)

It's this, from nonfinite:
1 x 1.5mm Dual LED SMT Backlighting Kits V2.0 (V2_PROBACKLIGHTKIT1.5MM)
        1.5mm panel LED color Red


Thanks a lot Bleo!

And an update on the trades: Nanoloop, Arduino+boards+Rpi, Arduinoboy, Polivoks filter and VG2 kit are all on Hold right now.

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Nanoloop, Arduino+boards+Rpi are SOLD


Polivoks filter and VG2 kit SOLD
Arduinoboy SOLD


LS-1 Lightstrip SOLD and Gameboy+backlight on hold


Gameboy+backlight SOLD


Updated added some photos